Inner Sun Yoga Centre
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Yoga Props

We offer a selection of yoga accessories to help you get started or compliment your existing practice.

Half Moon Studio Mat
This durable, textured, yoga mat has a non-slip surface that accommodates any style of yoga.

Half Moon Bolsters, Blocks & Meditation Pillows
Whether you need support for challenging asana postures or just a flat sitting surface for meditation, our selection of Half Moon bolsters, blocks, mats and eye bags will facilitate your practice.

Gift Certificates: These are a great gift idea and can be used for classes or retail items.

As long as you are comfortable it doesn't really matter what you wear to class. But here are a few tips to help you spend time focusing on your body and mind rather than on your clothing! Any clothing that is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy is ideal for practicing yoga. Your clothing should allow you to move freely and stretch with your body to provide secure coverage. Since most students will sweat during their practice, clothing made with moisture-wicking fabric and Lycra is popular.

Yoga teachers need to see their students' body alignment during class to ensure safety. Your clothing should feel comfortably loose, but fit close to your body. Baggie clothing, such as jogging pants and oversized t-shirts, make it difficult for a teacher to adjust your posture and may get in your way as you move in and out of poses. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Before you enter the Inner Sun Yoga studio, you will be asked to take off your shoes.

Rental mats are available at our studio, however we encourage all students to bring their own yoga mat to class.